TMPC Method App

  For the first time ever TMPC Method has just released a new app that is unique and convenient all in one. Introducing the first app that allows users to combine all types of gambling into one and have the ability to play. Instead of having to use multiple sites to do different types of…Read moreRead more


Playing Bingo can be a lot of fun, and time efficient, but do you find yourself losing more than you’re winning? It is hard to believe there is things you could do to enhance your chances at winning the pot besides get the lucky card, but here at TMPC Method we know a few things…Read moreRead more

Gambling in Sports

Sports gambling is a lot of fun, and when you know what you are doing it becomes even more than fun. Everything down to betting on NFL games, NBA games, or whatever the Vegas spread is there are things you can do to make yourself better. A lot of times people say it’s luck, but…Read moreRead more

Playing Blackjack With Tips

  Are you looking to make some quick money, while using a fraction of your time? TMPC Method gives you access to play online, earn a free bonus for becoming a member, and provides helpful tips to increase your success. Take a deeper look into TMPC Method and give yourself the advantage you deserve! TIPS:…Read moreRead more

Slots, lots and lots of slots

  Having fun while making some money at the same time makes it a whole lot more fun. When you play slots you might not be winning a lot at once but you can win a lot in an amount of time. You might not have thought there could be some tips to help you…Read moreRead more

Poker- and all his games

Playing poker takes a lot of focus, but it can be a lot of fun. Knowing where the best places to play are, some background of the game at the table, and how to place your bets will set you up for a fun ride. TMPC Method offers a way to play online, provides helpful…Read moreRead more

New and Improved TMPC Method

TMPC Method is new and improved, offering a more versatile environment for all of new and current users. We have expanded to break through our barriers and now do not fit into a certain category, simply because we are ALL categories. Now we are affiliated with all types of gambling instead of a certain type…Read moreRead more