Horse Racing- where, how, and when to bet

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Horse racing can be a lot of fun, and adrenaline so it may be hard to think clearly. Here at TMPC Method we offer tips or useful advice to keep in mind whether you’re hitting the race track or going online. TMPC Method also offers a personal betting method that all members have access too, and upon becoming a member receive a bonus to start off their betting. Give yourself the best odds you can, and feel prepared when you are ready to place your bets. Begin your journey into horse betting with TMPC Method, and let’s trot to that jackpot!
(1) Start off with the low bets, $2. Yes you can put down as much money as you want but it is best to start slow, and low to get a feel for how you are going to do. Making sure you understand the process, and get the feel for it will allow you to be confident when placing those bigger bets.
(2) If you chose to bet on the favorite horse picked for that particular race, you instantly have a 33% chance of winning. So if you ever feel like you don’t know which way to lean going with the favorite might give you enough payout till you can decide.
(3) Remember that you are not up against a “house”, this time you are up against all the other betters there trying to do the same thing as you.
(4) If you are just now getting into the horse betting game, try and make it to a track first. Place a bet in person at the window and get a real sense of how it goes. This will allow you to be more prepared when you decide to start betting online too.
(5) Do your homework. Know what horses are racing and what their chances of winning are. Know who is racing them as well. Jockey’s have odds and probability on themselves too.
(6) Always handpick your bets, and not the machine. The chances of an auto pick paying out is much lower than the chances of a manual bet. You can still pick your bets based off favorites, just not the machine.
(7) Pay attention to what kind of track the horses are racing on, dirt or turf. Usually when a horse is good on one of the tracks they are not too good on the other. Knowing which type of track your horse it best at will serve you a huge advantage.
(8) Pay attention to how the jockey treats his horse, if he is pushing his horse too hard the chances of him winning are actually lower. A horse will try too hard to win and in the end exhaust himself. Setting a good strong pace is key.