Poker- and all his games

Playing poker takes a lot of focus, but it can be a lot of fun. Knowing where the best places to play are, some background of the game at the table, and how to place your bets will set you up for a fun ride. TMPC Method offers a way to play online, provides helpful tips to take into consideration, and ways to prepare you for winning.

(1) First you must decide if you are playing for fun or if you are playing to win.
(2) When you make good, smart choices the better results that will follow.
(3) Prepare your hand. Wait and build the best hand you possibly can every time. The only way you are going to win is when you put your best hands in the pots.
(4) Hold your emotions, always. When you show your emotion it shows the kind of cards you have, and believe me there will be guys there waiting to see who plays with their emotions. And those guys don’t last long.
(5) Decide what kind of betting you are going to be doing. If you are betting loose you are playing a lot of the games. If you bet tight you pick and chose what games you are going to play. If you are planning on playing aggressive then you plan on betting a lot. If you play passive you are betting less, and calling more.
(6) To be the best poker player at that table you must be prepared to be a mixture of everything listed previously.
Bluffing can be your strongest weapon. If you can bluff and make the other players at your table think you have the best hand chances are they will put their better hand down because they feel intimidated. If you can find a way to have everyone believing you have great hands every time, or crappy hands, either way you control the outcome of that game.
(7) Always pay attention. You should be watching for what cards are to come, or have came up and what are the chances that you are going to get that card. If there is a lot of guys at your table then you need to keep in mind another guy there is probably waiting on the same card, so always be paying attention.