Dream until you can’t dream anymore

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Welcome to TMPC Advice Column, today’s focus is on dreaming, and how important it is to never stop. Think of a dream you’ve always had, something you always wanted to do- have you given everything you can to make it happen? Most people I’m sure will answer no, and for good reasons I’m sure. Sometimes life throws curve balls our way that we aren’t expecting and aren’t prepared for, but that does not mean you should ever turn around on something you dream about. Even if it takes you a lot longer than you would have anticipated that’s fine! There is no set time limit on a dream, that’s what makes them so powerful. Now if for some reason you say to yourself “I have no dream” then you need to find one, everyone has something they dream about. If your dream seems out of reach, or like you never will accomplish it, try taking a step back and looking at it from a different angle. You have complete control over your dreams, and whether or not they are turned into reality. Write your goals down, make a list of the things you would like yourself to do in order to make your dreams come true. Ask questions, looking up information, get personal experience, anything to make you closer to your dream. Another very important thing to always keep in mind is that no mater how small of a step you take towards making your dream happen know that is significant and it is making a difference, Never let yourself get discouraged, always be your biggest supporter so that you never have to expect anything from anyone else. Never take a free ride, they usually never end up being free. Stay creative and keep an open mind as your journey towards making your dreams reality.