Give more, take less

Welcome to TMPC Advice Column, and we are officially a week in! Today’s focus is going to be on giving back, all while taking less. What do I mean by that exactly? Well it’s simple, offer more to the world than you get in return. It is hard for people to grasp the concept of giving and not expecting something in return. Unfortunately we live in a world where we want what we can get, and there is not anything wrong with that but eventfully we will run out of things to take. Imagine if from here on out no one wanted to give in any way unless they were getting just as much or more in return, how long would we last before there was nothing left. It is important to know that life is not just about what you have and how much you make, it is about the relationships you form, how you will be remembered when your gone. A lot of times we consider giving back as a way to say it is being taken from us rather than looking at it as an excessive need and offering it to someone who does not have the same ability. Giving can come in all forms, it does not just limit to materialistic things or money. You can give someone a smile, you can give a hug, you can give advice, you can give a lending hand, you can give a listening ear etc. those are all things you are able to give without taking anything from yourself. The importance of helping one another and building each other up is more much valuable than we believe, and be the solutions to a lot of problems in the world today. It starts with you, with us each day giving and helping make the people around us feel better and live better so that when we do leave this world we know there are people and memories that will live on. Take some time to give some of these basic things that will have a major impact on you and everyone around you.