Mom all the time, be you sometimes

Hello everyone and welcome back to TMPC Advice Column! Today I want to speak to all my mothers out there whether you have been a mom for years, decades, or days it is all still relevant. We are going to focus on who you are outside of being a mom and how important it is to make sure you still know who you are. A lot of times once women become mothers they often lose themselves and get so wrapped into their children that they forget about themselves. Now I know how hard it is to think of yourself over your kids but it is important to do that sometime. In order for your children to have the best, happiest, healthy mom you have to take time for yourself as well as you do them. Now I know you could never compare the time, we often spend hours and hours a day with our kids, cooking, cleaning, whatever it may be and causes us to no longer look at ourselves. Taking time for yourself is difficult and you will often think it isn’t important or you don’t have time, well make time! Force yourself to think about yourself, you can take a long relaxing bath, read a good book, take a peaceful walk, etc. anything you can do to make yourself feel more connected to the inner you. If you have career dreams then take some steps to making yourself closer, if you need more womanly time give yourself a spa day, if you are feeling stressed relax and take some quiet time(and not just staying up late after everyone is sleeping). Once you have kids and life starts to throw you off track you have to force it to allow you to find yourself still. I am a mother at a young age and I know the importance of not feeling like your lost because I often find myself feeling that way. We all know being a mom is the best job in the world and has the most fulfilling feeling in the world but being yourself is just as important. Find a way to do both and I promise you will notice an increase in you and your family!