Time heals all wounds

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Hello and welcome to TMPC Advice Column where today we will be talking about time, and how it heals all wounds. Something we all can relate to is pain simply because everyone has or does feel pain. More times than not people find their pain to be overbearing and feel like it’s something that will stick with them for a lifetime even though it won’t. No matter what pain you are or have experienced there is still always one medication that everyone can take- time. Time is the only thing that no matter how bad we are hurting now guarantees that it won’t last forever. Pain can be tricky, it can come in different forms but still have the same impact and still be defeated by time. Now I know there are many things that can happen to a person that are painful and you may never get over those things, but one thing I can promise you is that over time they will get better. Time gives us the ability to make new memories, this is part of healing and forcing you to have more good things to think about instead of staying on the pain. As life goes on we find other things to invest ourselves in, we find hobbies to distract our minds, we find it easier to talk about the things that bothered us, and we find a way to let go. When you carry your pain around with you it begins to weigh you down and make you feel worse than you probably actually do. It is very important to allow yourself to face your pain head on and acknowledge it, this will be an important step to ensuring your healing process. Once you feel you faced your pain then try to talk about it, maybe start off by talking to a pet, or to yourself until you find the courage to say it to a friend or partner. Allowing yourself to heal and mend with time is part of the process considering most people hold themselves responsible for what they go through in some way. So change with time, let it heal our wounds or painful memories so we can make room for all the new happy ones to come and bury the pain to feel like ourselves again.